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Spotlight on Bog Snorkelling

If you have a snorkel and a pair of flippers, you are eligible to take part in the annual Bog Snorkeling World Championship normally held in August in Wales. The venue is the dense Waen Rhydd peat bog located not far from Llanwrtyd Wells in mid Powys. The town is very small, but each year the residents welcome competitors from all over the world to take part in this incredible sports events. Apart from the required snorkel and flippers, competitors have the option to wear a wetsuit. The trench is cut through a bog peat and the requirement is to complete two consecutive lengths without using conventional swimming strokes. Competitors must rely on flipper power alone. The length of the course is 55 metres, and therefore the required length to win the competition is 110 metres.   

Bog Snorkeling first took place in 1976 and by 1985 the first World Championship was held. The sport is held as national championships in several countries, including Ireland, Australia and Sweden. In Ireland in 2016 Paddy and Moira Lambe became the first brother and sister to win the national championship. This was also the same year Paddy broke the world record with a time of 1 min 19 seconds. Two years later Neil Rutter broke the record at the World Championship and remains the holder today with a time of 1 minutes 18:81 seconds. There are categories for men, women, juniors, children, and local men and women. Special events that also feature are the Mountain Bike Bog Snorkeling World Championship and the Bog Snorkeling Triathlon.  

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