Latest: Eddy Merckx of Belgium wins Carom Billiards World Cup 3-Cushion in Guri - his twelfth final and eleventh title

Premier Sports Events

FIFA U17 World Cup 2019


26th October to 17th November

Dubai 2019 World Para Athletics Championships

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

7th to 15th November

PSA Men's World Championship

Doha, Qatar

8th to 15th November

IRF Racquetball XXI Junior World Championships

San José, Costa Rica

8th to 16th November

Winterthur 2019 - World Deaf Futsal Championships

Winterthur, Switzerland

9th to 16th November

Paragliding World Cup Tour 2019

Loma Bola, Argentina

9th to 16th November

Nitto ATP Finals

London, England

10th to 17th November

2019 Mixed Martial Arts World & Junior World Championships

Manama, Bahrain

11th to 16th November

OI STU Open-Street/Park Skateboarding World Cup

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

11th to 17th November

FMJD Draughts 3rd Curacao Open Challenge World Cup

Willemstad, Curacoa

11th to 17th November

World Senior Chess Championship 2019

Bucharest, Romania

11th to 24th November

Ceará Kite Pro GKA Kite-Surf World Cup

Prea, Brazil

12th to 16th November

IWAS Wheelchair Fencing World Cup

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

14th to 17th November

WMRA World Mountain Running Championships

Villa La Angostura, Argentina

15th November

ISU World Cup Speed Skating

Minsk, Belarus

15th to 17th November

UWW World Championship (Pankration)

Rome, Italy

15th to 17th November

International School Sport Federation eSport Games

Kiev, Ukraine

15th to 19th November

14th IBSA World Powelifting and Bench Press Championships

Giza, Egypt

15th to 22nd November

2019 Ju Jitsu World Championship

Abu Dhabi, UAE

15th to 24th November

2019-2020 Telenet UCI Cyclo-Cross World Cup

Tabor, Czech Republic

16th November

2019 WDC Open World Championship - Professional Latin American Showdance

Bonn, Germany

16th November

WDSF Youth Latin World Championship

Vienna, Austria

16th November

WMRA World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships 42km

Villa La Angostura, Argentina

16th November

UWW Senior Women's Wrestling World Cup

Narita, Japan

16th to 17th November

ISU Junior World Cup Speed Skating - YOG 2020 Qualifying

Bjugn, Norway

16th to 17th November

IFBB World Fit Model Championships

Riga, Latvia

16th to 18th November

ISSF World Cup Final

Putian, China

17th to 23rd November

FIPJP Women's and Junior World Championships 2019

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

17th to 24th November

World Open Powerlifting Championships

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

18th to 23rd November

PWA 2019 Bureau Vallee Dream Cup

New Caledonia, France

18th to 23rd November

Davis Cup Finals

Madrid, Spain

18th to 24th November

GKA Freestyle World Cup

Cumbuco, Brazil

19th to 23rd November

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