The World Professional Boxing Federation (WPBF)is an international sanctioning body that sanctions professional boxing matches and awards the WPBF world championship title and subordinate championship title. It is dedicated to promoting and serving the sport of professional boxing,and to implementing uniform safety measures, computerized rankings system and uniform procedures for the protection of professional boxers as well as the conduct of championship matches,and implementing fairness and equal opportunities at all times, impartially, honestly and fairly to everybody, with its own authority to regulate, control and supervise the conduct of sanctioned matches in its own jurisdictions, throughout the Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and Latin America.

The World Professional Boxing Federation (WPBF) is the world's first boxing sanctioning body to implementing an independent and unbiased computerized rankings system for the rankings of elite men's and women's professional boxers from all over the world,in an effort to bring more credibility to the sport of boxing to replace the myriad of subjective rankings that have become skewed, as well as to rebuild confidence of the fans and the media in crowning worthy and legitimate world champions.


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