The game of catchball is like volleyball or fistball and is also mostly played indoors on a court. A net separates the court into two playing areas for two teams. The difference is that instead of hitting the ball, it is thrown over the net into the opposing team’s court. The objective is to ground the ball in their court, and therefore prevent the ball from being returned. A game starts with a serve and a rally continues until the ball is grounded or bounces outside of the playing area. A team wins a point in a rally regardless of which team served. A team can touch the ball up to three times on one side of the net. A team consists of six players on the court, three in front and three at the back of their playing area. A team wins the match if it wins in two sets. The first two sets are 25 points each, with the third 15 points.  

Catchball is entirely for women and originated in Israel. The International Catchball Federation (ICF) is the world governing body. ICF manages international competitions and oversees the development of the sport worldwide.  

International Catchball Federation

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