The International Crossminton Organisation - ICO (Former International Speed Badminton Organisation - ISBO) is committed to advancing the competitive and recreational sport of crossminton. ICO looks to both constantly develop, and manage all international tournaments, establishing official guidelines and standards world-wide. Furthermore ICO promotes the recreational sport as well as the founding of further national federations.

The ICO was founded the 25th of August 2011 in advanced of the ISBO Azimut Hotels Speedminton® World Championships in speed badminton in Berlin, Germany. Since 2016 the sport SPEED BADMINTON is called CROSSMINTON.

Every national federation, association or sports club, recognizing the ICO Statutes and supporting the ICO objectives, can become a member of the organisation.

The activity of the ICO based mainly on volunteer work and support.

All registered members have the opportunity to participate in events and games organized by the ICO.

Furthermore they are entitled to participate in the Assembly Delegates, which is the highest institution of the ICO. The executive institution of the ICO is the Opens internal link in current windowExecutive Board, which is responsible for the general and current management of the federation.

The ICO pursues for recognition by international umbrella sports organizations e.g. IOC.

2017 over 75 ICO tournaments were hosted world-wide! Nearly 6500 players took part on official tournaments, with an average of 86 players per tournament!

Trachenbergring 85

12249 Berlin


+49 171 6005255

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