The establishment of the World Disability Darts Association is the end product of a campaign designed to open our sport to players with disability. The endorsement of a lowered board height for wheelchair players was important to us because darts and its well established infrastructure is an ideal environment in which those living with disability can participate.

It is a fun and supportive social network, and of all the sports there are none that holds greater potential than darts to improve one's overall feeling of wellbeing long-term.

The gentle physical movement of throwing and retrieving the darts combined with the exciting mental challenges gives a comprehensively beneficial activity that can be played at almost any age and is why promotion is now underway in rehabilitation centres and aged care facilities around the world also.

Equipment was designed in 2010 to prove that the ruling could be applied fairly in competition where a wheelchair player and a standing player were competing directly against one another.

That year saw the birth of the unique Wildfire137 dart frame which is now appearing in dart venues, competitions and presentations ever since.

Its creation has been instrumental in the adoption of the new ruling.

What started as a simple submission to Darts Australia in 2009 based on calculations of a "fair and equivalent" board height for a wheelchair player has now seen its endorsement by our sport's highest administrative body, the World Darts Federation. History will record that on October 8th 2012 in Hull UK the World Darts Federation extended a hand of friendship and support to those living with disability.

In officially sanctioned WDF events the Wildfire137 dart frame concept is required to allow direct competition on the approved lowered board height, but for the vast majority of social players simply mounting a dart board at a height of 137cm to the bullseye centre will enable the enjoyment and challenge of throwing darts, possibly for the first time without the need for any special equipment.


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