The International Council of Domino (ICD) is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of bringing the sport of domino to all nations of the world. An important function is to provide venues for existing leagues registered with ICD irrespective of where these members are located. Competitions are provided with supervision and members have clear and concise regulations. Current leagues include Jamaica, Cayman Islands, United States, Great Britain and Canada. To comply with the criteria set out by ICD, each league must have a minimum of 10 clubs, with each club having a minimum of 10 pairs and team captain.  

The tile-based game of dominoes is part of the family of games played with gaming pieces. Each piece is rectangular with a line dividing the face. The two halves of the face can either be blank or have a series of spots. The back of the piece can be either blank or patterned. The domino set is also referred to as a deck or pack. A European domino set is made up of 28 pieces. The origin of the game is not completely known. Text referencing dominoes came from the Song dynasty, while the more modern version appeared in Italy in 1700s. It is possible missionaries returning from China may have bought the game with them, or the European version developed independently.

A player lays out a piece on a flat surface with the intention that the opponent must match the dots or blank area on either of the halves. The beginning of each piece must match the end of the previous piece. Tiles can be laid out in a straight line or at rectangles. The player who lays out their set first is the winner. Already established as a popular family game, ICD will further develop memberships worldwide each with their own leagues. One of the key aspirations of any game is recognition as an official mind sport and the creation of a world championship.  

International Council of Domino

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