The eSkootr Championship Commission oversees a very new sport gaining tremendous popularity around the world. The responsibility of the commission is to develop the sporting, technical and safety rules of the eScootr Championship. It is also creating the regulatory and governance framework for the sport to be governed by the Commission for Microbility and Sport. Safety is of paramount importance with particular attention to innovations on the electric scooter design, rider safety equipment, and track design. The motorsport environment is used as an innovation lab is setting guidelines and standards for the new sport. The Commision is based in London, United Kingdom.  

The eSkootr Championship comprises of 10 teams, with an individual and team championship. Points are awarded in each group and round. The race format covers a series of heats, with the top 4 in each heat progressing to the Quarterfinals. The top 3 in the quarterfinals progress to the semi-finals. The top three from each semi-final will form the lineup for the final.  

Commission for Micromobility and Sport

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