The handball game Eton Fives is much like the game of Rugby Fives and is also based on the English game of Fives. The origins are from many racquet sports making use of a walled court where the ball is propelled against. Instead of a racquet, a player uses a bare or gloved hand to hit the ball against a 3- or 4-sided specially designed court. The game of Eton Fives is played as doubles on a 3-sided court. Official courts are mainly located in independent schools and a few selected non-private schools. Still considered as a minor sport, it is beginning to develop a wider interest, especially among adults. There is one court in Wales and other locations outside of England include Australia, Switzerland, India and Malaysia.  

The sport developed in the 1800s at Eton College. A simple set of rules were first developed in 1877. Some of the details have since been amended, but the essential original components remain. The sport is today managed by the Eton Fives Association (EFA) with the objective to bring further awareness and participation to new areas. In addition, EFA continues to provide coaching, support of existing centres and the creation of new locations across the United Kingdom.  

Eton Fives Association

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