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For those familiar with the 1970s, the term ‘Hacky Sack’ would most likely have been known at some point. It is a name of a brand of footbag that was very popular during that decade. Footbag is a small round bag normally filled with tiny plastic pellets. The little ball is kicked in the air during competitions as a display of skill and deftness. The most played game features between two or more players standing in a circle with the objective to keep the footbag in the air for as long as possible. For this type of exercise, the bag is normally crocheted. The game is taken very seriously, and professional stitchers use a combination of materials that help make the bag play better.   

The game of footbag is very similar to other sports like sepak takraw, footvolley, bossaball and shuttlecock. Version are played all around the world and goes by other names depending on the location. Some of these include freestyle footbag, footbag net, hacky attack, hit the man, basse, buce, hack slap, and footbag golf. The International Footbag Players’ Association (IFPA) is a charitable non-profit corporation run by volunteer who manage the development of the game worldwide, including overseeing competitions. The International Footbag Committee was established within IFPA to publish the official rule book. Footbag, having originated in North America, is continuing to grow in popularity as both a family game and a competitive sport.  

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