Gatka is a form of martial art that originated in the Punjab region in the 1400s. It is associated mainly with the Sikhs and Hindkowans. The weapon used is a type of stick that resembles a wooden sword. The word Gatka refers to the wooden sword. This is often decorated in colours of the region is about 3 ft long. The other weapon type is a shield. The sport often features at festivals and experienced a revival during the 1900s that included the formation of the International Gatka Federation in 1982. In 2009 the federation was constituted and is also now known as the World Gatka Federation. The purpose is to promote Gatka to be recognized as sport on a national and international level. There are currently over thirty national gatka federations affiliated to the world governing body. The World Gatka Federation is based in Mohali in India.  

World Gatka Federation

Photo: reddees (Shutterstock)

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