Glíma is a word that refers to several types of wrestling where technique is more relevant than using strength to beat your opponent. It covers several Nordic folk wrestling practiced as as sport or during combat. The origins date back to the 1300s when Norwegian settlers in Iceland brought the sport with them. The most common style is to grip your opponent by the waist or trousers, which was first introduced in 1888 in a competition and has been an annual event since then. In the early 1900s, a belt was added so that wrestlers could have a better grip on each other.  

Trouser-grip wrestling is the most popular and forms the national sport of Iceland. In this version, technique over strength is the most important. In Backhold wrestling, strength is important, and this technique is also like most wrestling types. In loose-grip wrestling, the opponents may use any holds they prefer. Glíma is managed by Glímusamband Íslands based in Reykjavik.

Glímusamband Íslands

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