The Fédération de Gouren is the governing body of the type of folk wrestling called Gouren mainly practiced in Brittany. The area of Brittany is a peninsula and cultural area in the west of modern France and gouren has been part of the culture for centuries. It was particularly popular during the 1900s right up to before WW1. It was during the 1930s that new life was breathed into the sport with a set of rules and the creation of the federation to oversee competitions. Today the sport is very organized with clubs and its own European Championship every two years.

The rules include players must be barefoot, wear a special white shirt or vest (roched) and black trousers tied with a belt. The objective is to try throw each other to the ground by grappling the opponent’s roched. Victory is only declared when both the should blades are flat on the ground and the victor is standing upright. The three types of throws are the Lamm, the Kostin, and the Kein. The federation is based in Landerneau, France.

Fédération de Gouren

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