American handball, occasionally referred to as wallball, is mostly known as handball. Players use their hands to hit a small rubber ball against a wall. The objective is to hit the ball is such a way that your opponent cannot reach it in time before it bounces twice. A player can also not hit the ball out-of-bounds. There are three versions of American handball. These are four-wall, three-wall and one-wall and each version can be played by either two players (singles), three players (cutthroat), or four players (doubles). In official tournaments, only the versions of singles and doubles are played.  

The history of similar versions of handball can be traced back to ancient Egypt. These were mainly games where a ball was hit or thrown. Other versions were played by North and Central Americans from 1500 BC. The most famous were the Aztecs playing the Mesoamerican ballgame. The earliest recording of a game of striking a ball against a wall using a hand appeared in Scotland in 1427.  

American handball is played on a walled court that is 40 by 20 feet. The court has either a single front wall, three walls, or is fully enclosed with four walls. Apart from singles and doubles, cutthroat involves three players rotating one against two. In this version one server plays against two receivers. The United States Handball Association is the governing body for the sport with their headquarters based in Tucson, Arizona.  

The United States Wall Ball Association is a nonprofit organization providing over 2,000 athletes the opportunity to play Wall Ball in the New York Metropolitan area. USWA is based in Staten Island, NY. 

United States Wall Ball Association

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