The International Human Powered Vehicle Association (IHPVA) is the world governing and sanctioning body for new records set in human powered land, water, and air vehicles. The association may also oversee events worldwide where records are attempted in non-stored-fuel land, water, and air vehicles. IHPVA is a source of information for anything related to the sport and oversees major events like the Human Powered Speed Championships. There competitions are important as it brings together technological advancements in the sport and even though IHPVA is responsible for the setting up of rules, the association mission is to create as few restrictions as possible. The headquarters are based in Cutten, California.  

Human-powered transport is the transportation of a person or persons using human muscle power. Modern technology has meant that machines have enhanced human-power. Used in a competitive sport environment, bicycles are perfect examples of how technology and design are continually improving the experience for the cyclist. One of the best-known powered planes is the Gossamer Albatross which flew across the English Channel in 1979. Balloons and airships are further examples of air travel. Various modes of transport on water are well documented, including human-powered submarine travel.

International Human Powered Vehicle Association

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