The comprehensive South Korean martial art of Hwa Rang Do was developed during the 1960s. Sometimes going by the name of The Way of the Flowering Knights, the combat sport is comprehensive in the sense that it includes stand up fighting, the use of weapons, ground fighting, open hand striking, and takedowns and throws. It also places a strong sense in cultural and artistic pursuits, with an emphasis on chivalry, honour, and loyalty of knighthood. In Korean history, Hwa Rang Do dates to the Three Kingdoms when the Ancient Hwarang Warriors of the Silla Kingdom brought unification to the Korean Peninsula for the first time in history.  

The World Hwa Rang Do Association was established in 1960 with the purpose of taking the combat sport to the rest of the world. One important goal was to codify the sport and systemize it to what it is known today as a modern martial art. The association’s headquarters are in Tustin, California. Instead of focusing on commercial endeavors, Hwa Rang Do has kept the spirit of its ancient ancestors, the Hwarang Knights, alive throughout the centuries as it continues to grow awareness and popularity worldwide.

World Hwa Rang Do Association

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