Soft stick lacrosse, softcrosse, modcrosse or pop lacrosse, are all alternative names for the sport of inter-crosse. Derived from lacrosse, it has a few differences. It is a non-contact sport, and the head of the stick is made entirely of plastic. The pocket is made of nylon string and the ball is larger than in lacrosse. It is also hollow and soft, while a lacrosse ball is made of solid rubber. Inter-crosse is very popular in Europe and North America, with nations like Canada and the Czech Republic who have particularly taken to the game. The field size is normally 40x20 metres with the goal area the same in size as with lacrosse. As a competitive adult sport, the team consists of five players. Players are only allowed to carry the ball for up to five seconds, and once in possession, can only keep the ball for up to thirty seconds. At that point a player must either shoot at goal or forfeit possession.  

The Fédération Internationale d’Inter-Crosse (FIIC) is the highest authority and world governing body for the sport of inter-crosse. The federation was established in Paris in 1985. Through international competitions like the World Championship, FIIC have an objective to build on the current participation worldwide. There is also a European Cup specifically for clubs. As a non-contact sport, inter-crosse is the perfect introduction for youth to lacrosse. As it can be played indoors and outdoors, it often forms part of the curriculum for physical education classes. In these instances, there are no goalies, and the portable nets are smaller and semi-circular. Inter-crosse is a sport for both genders and teams are often mixed, making it an affordable and easy sport to develop and grow in popularity around the world.

Fédération Internationale d’Inter-Crosse

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