The International Jugger Council (IJC) oversees the sport of Jugger that is currently played in over 30 countries. The game was developed in Germany and is played by two mixed-gender teams of five players. The name originated from the 1989 film The Salute of the Jugger, in which the director invented the game specifically for the movie. The sport was then further developed by Germany and Australia. The first international featured in Germany in 2007. One of the key goals of the governing body is to codify the rules that will ensure the game is not played with so many different variations around the world. Currently the most widely used rulesets are the German, Spanish, and Australian rulesets.  

Each team consists of one qwik, four enforcers, one chain, and up to three substitutes. Each player is outfitted with padded spars. The objective of the game is for the team’s qwik to get the jugg, or foam dog skull, into the opposing team’s mound to score goals. At the same time the team must minimize the opportunities for the opposing team to score goals. The field area is rectangular with the corner areas clipped. IJC is a volunteer-run organization that is run by juggers with the purpose of growing the sport worldwide.

International Jugger Council

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