World Kabaddi Federation was approved for formation during the International Gold Cup Tournament on 5th December 2003 in Faridabad, India. Representative of different Kabaddi Association and other officials attended this meeting.

Later on 1st Oct. 2004 the World Kabaddi Federation (WKF) was officially founded with a vision to find a way to control all the Kabaddi organisations of the member countries under the umbrella of WKF as well as to use Kabaddi sport to promote peace, Harmony, understanding and Co-operation amongst the world community.

The main objects for which the Federation is established are :-

  • To promote and develop the game of Kabaddi and Physical Education as a global game and to promote the noble ideals of the olympic movement among member countries of Kabaddi Organisations.
  • It shall be the sole organisation in charge of all forms of Kabaddi sports in World; the representative authority in all other world bodies responsible for common wealth, continental, International and world games.
  • It shall protect the game of Kabaddi from introduction of improper methods and practices by National and regional bodies which may bring the game into disrepute.
  • It shall help develop the moral and physical qualities of the players and youth of the world by regular activities in Kabaddi, Physical education, friendship, International respect and goodwill.
  • It shall act as arbitrator in settlement of disputes of member countries and affiliates arising out of membership disputes and others.
  • It shall organise and sanction International competitions, official World Cup, world game and all other international tournaments.
  • To recommend in capacity of final authority of Kabaddi with any Government of a country for recognition of the Kabaddi Federation affiliate member organisation as a controlling body of the respective forms of Kabaddi at National level in case, if there are disputes.

VPO Sidhpur

Dharamshala, District Kangra

Himachal Pradesh

INDIA - 176057

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