Soccer baseball or football rounders are two of the alternative names for the sport of kickball. Played in a similar way to baseball, players of the team aim to score by returning a ball from home base to the field and then circle all the bases. The opponents try to stop this by tagging players out with the ball before the home base can be reached. Where baseball uses a hard bat and ball, a large, inflated rubber ball is used with kickball, making the sport much more accessible to younger children. Teams alternate at halftime and the one with the highest score wins the match.  

Started in 1998, the World Kickball Association (WAKA) is the highest governing body for the sport. The foundations of a strong community spirit and a family environment are what WAKA has built and developed the sport on. These are also core values being carried forward today as kickball is growing in popularity around the world. The association is based in New York City.  

World Kickball Association

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