World Lacrosse is the highest governing body for the sport Lacrosse, overseeing regional and international development and management of international competitions, while maintaining the integrity of the game throughout all age levels and genders. There are four variations of the game, and these include field lacrosse, women’s lacrosse, box lacrosse and intercrosse. The responsibilities for World Lacrosse lie with field lacrosse, women’s lacrosse and box lacrosse, with each version having different rules or equipment. The organization was renamed in May 2019 after initially operating under the name of the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL). FIL was formed in 2008 when the men’s governing body (International Lacrosse Federation) merged with the women’s governing body (International Federation of Women’s Lacrosse Federations). World Lacrosse is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

Starting with field lacrosse (outdoor) and box lacrosse (indoor), these are the men’s versions of the game and are full contact. Players are required to wear protective gear that include helmets, gloves, shoulder pads and elbow pads. Field lacrosse have ten players in each team, while box lacrosse has six per team. The indoor version is played on artificial turf in an arena. This version of the game mainly developed in the 1930s from owners of ice hockey arenas wanting to use their locations in the off-season. It grew so fast that it nearly became more popular than field lacrosse. The women’s version is always played outdoors and the only required protective gear are eyewear and mouthguards. This may vary slightly within different member nations, but it is ultimately World Lacrosse who decide on the rules and what sets the standards during international competitions and world championships. Goalies will always wear helmets and protective pads. The only contact allowed in the women’s version is stick checking. Lacrosse is a team sport and players use the head of a lacrosse stick to pass, carry, catch and shoot a solid rubber ball.  

World Lacrosse

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