Ludo is a household board game played and enjoyed all around the world. The game traces its roots back to the ancient Indian game Pachisi played in the 6th century in the Christian Era. Today ludo can go by several different names and rules depending on which country it is played in. The purpose is to move your token from start to finish according to rolls of a single die. The board has four specific areas, usually in colours of yellow, green, red, and blue. Each player is assigned their colour and has four tokens to match the colour. The purpose of each player is to bring their tokens to the finish and the swiftness of the movements are determined by the roll of the die. The first player to complete the goal wins the game.  

Today the game is managed by the World Ludo Federation (WLF) with the purpose of unifying the rules, managing worldwide competitions, and growing further international interest. The federation has headquarters in in India and Pakistan and was originally founded in India in 2005.  

World Ludo Federation

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