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The Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO) or World OCR, is the sole competent authority and international governing body for the sport of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). World OCR is an independent association with membership comprising of four regional federations. These are OCR Africa, OCR Americas, OCR Asia Pacific and OCR Europe. The association is also non-for-profit and democratically made up of volunteers by and for the athletes they represent worldwide. Safety is at the forefront of World OCR, promoting fairness and equal opportunities for all participants within the competitions they oversee. These events include the Ninja OCR World Championships, Ninja World Series and World Series Finals, OCR in the South East Asian Games, the Youth OCR World Championships, the FISO OCR World Championships, Continental Championships, and events at International Multisport Games. Important aspects to manage include results and rankings, rule enforcement, coaching, training camps and the appointment of officials. The mission of World OCR is to promote the sport of Obstacle Course Racing throughout the world, complying with the requirements specified by the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee. One of the key goals of the organisation is to promote the sport for the greater good of humanity, with the emphasis on providing access to athletes at all levels of skill and ability. World OCR is based in Vaud, Switzerland.  

Ancient history shows that events involving obstacles of some sort have been presented to athletes for several thousand years. An event first held at the 18th Ancient Olympiad that took place around 708 BC, included a foot race, javelin throwing, discuss throwing, long jump and wrestling. It was at the 1900 Summer Olympic Games in Paris, where a 200m obstacle swim formed part of the event. Prior to that, the concept of obstacles for competition had been in use since the 1800s. Obstacle course racing also became an intricate part of military training and the World Military Games is an annual competition that started in 1950. The event is managed by the International Military Sports Council (CISM). Tough Guy, started in 1987, is widely thought to be the earliest contemporary obstacle course race. Since then several others similar events have sprung up across the world, attracting contemporary and professional athletes. Another such famous event is the Spartan Race, founded by Joe Desena. It was also from here that World OCR was founded with one of the key objectives to take the sport to the Olympic Games. World OCR became a member of the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) in 2017. Full medal events for the sport were approved in 2018 in an International Multisport Games, further paving the way for the OCR to be included in a future Olympic Games. 

World Championship

2021 Altitude Obstacle Course Racing World Championships - Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - 12th to 21st September


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