National Paddleball Association

Game variations

4-Wall Indoor Paddleball officially can be played by 2 People (Singles) or 4 People (Doubles)

For casual play there are 2 variations of the game that can be played with 3 People.

Cut Throat

All 3 players Keep Track of their score individually. During each rally one player (the server) will play against the 2 other players (the receiver’s). When a serve is lost the players will rotate in the same order thru out the entire game. (Player 2 will always serve after player 1, Player 3 will always serve after player 2) After each serve is lost the player who just finished serving will take the place of player who is next up to serve. This rotation order allows for each player to have equal opportunity to return from both sides of the court.

One Man Out

All 3 players keep track of their score individually. During each rally only 2 players are involved in the play with one player standing “out” in the back of the court. The player who is “out” is required not to interfere in game play. After each rally the player who is standing “out” will take the place of the returner. If the server wins the point the person standing out will rotate in to return. If the server looses the serve the server will stand out and the returner who won the rally will serve next. One man out allows for 3 people to play a game where the game play is similar to singles.


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