Showjumping: Denis Lynch of Ireland edged Leipzig legend Christian Allmann to take away top spot aboard the 14-year-old CG Chopin's Bushi



The Federacion International Padel or FIP was founded in July 1991 and is the international governing body for the sport of Padel. The main offices are based in Lausanne, Madrid and Rome. The sport was invented in 1962 by Enrique Coruera, who was based in Acapulco, Mexico.  

Padel is a racket sport and is predominantly played in doubles on a court a third in size of a tennis court. The court is normally enclosed, but tournaments are also played outdoors. The rules are very similar to normal tennis with a few differences. The rackets are solid, perforated and stringless, the balls have a little less pressure and the courts have walls that can be played off in a similar way to squash. The serve is also different in that the height of the ball must be at or below the waist level. The rules state the courts must be rectangular with the length at 20 metres and a width at 10 metres. The walls on the side and back must be 3 metres in height. A net divides the court in two and has a maximum height in the middle of 88 centimetres. The scoring method is exactly the same as tennis. 

Padel is a fast-growing sport approaching nearly 30 international members. The competitions include a professional world tour, regional championships and world championships for juniors and seniors. These are all managed by FIP. 

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