The small English village of Witcham, located near the cathedral city of Ely in Cambridgeshire, becomes famous every year for staging a World Championship. The World Pea Shooting Championships have been hosted there since 1971 and over the years has gained popularity that competitors have come from around the world to take part. The championship has been dominated by local participants, but Dan Sargent of the USA has won it twice back in 1996 and 1998. The appealing aspect of the competition is that it is open to anyone wishing to take part.  

The purpose of the World Pea Shooting Championship was to raise funds for the building of a Village Hall. The idea came from John Tyson, the headmaster of the village school. Despite the school closing, the Parish Council funded the purchase of the John Tyson Shield, which has become the prize of the championship. For entrants, there are no restrictions to technology used for the peashooter, but the pea must be propelled by blowing with the mouth. The target is 12 inches in diameter and is covered with glazing to ensure the pea sticks to the target. The peashooter must also not be more than 12 inches in length.  

The sport of pea shooting does not currently have a world governing body, but it does have an organising committee for the world championship.  

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