On September 3, 1983 in Chiasso on the eve of the 1st Team World Championship, delegates meet in the Assembly of 20 nations-Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, West Germany, Italy, Paraguay, Peru, San Marino, United States, Switzerland, Uruguay, China, Yugoslavia, Poland and Portugal-13 nations give life to the CBI international boccystic Confederation. The presidency is called a great passionate and enlightened leader of the world of the Swiss AVV. John A. Baggio, recently deceased. He will lead the CBL successfully for 14 years.

Bocce is practiced on rectangular fields 4 meters wide and long 26.5 well leveled (background of pressed limestone material or synthetic material) and delimited by perimeter tables. The bowls and the ball are made of synthetic material. The first must have a diameter between 106 and 107 mm and a weight from 900 to 920 grams. Even in this specialty you have to approach as much as possible your own bowl to the ball or hit the opponent (or the ball) either with the throw of Raffa (grazing) or flight.

It was born thanks to the union and the joining will of all the following National Federations: Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Paraguay, Peru, San Marino, United States, Switzerland and Uruguay.
It is part of the Confédération Mondiale des Sports de Boules, recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

  • Its purpose is to encourage and to expand the international amateur sport activity among the National Federations that are affiliated and active in the field of the synthetic bowl game, on smooth and marked off ground, played with the system punto, raffa, volo.
  • It will do it’s best to reach the unification of the several game regulations in force in each country.
  • It achieve its main purposes by:
  • an uniform game regulation to enforce in all international matches organized or controlled by the CBI and that it is an integral part of the present statute;
  • the contest of international matches and competition
  • the organization of international championships;
  • the organization of an activity that recognizes the sport of bowls with the system punto, raffa, volo, with synthetic bowls, on smoothed and delimited grounds, as Olympic sport.

via Bossi, 23

PO Box 2739

6830 Chiasso


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