Ringball is a traditional South African sport that has been played since 1907. Governed by the International Ringball Federation, the objective has been to take the sport global after already introducing it to Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, India, and Mauritius. Ringball is non-contact played by both men and women in separate teams. It is like netball, korfball and can be played in all-weather on an indoor and outdoor court. A court is divided into three separate sections.  

A team is made up of nine players; three goal scorers, three defenders, and three defenders. A goalpost is placed at either end of the the court and the objective is to pass the ball between the teammates and eventually through the ring of the goalpost. The ball passes through the air and may not touch the ground. In passing the ball, a player may not move forward or backward. Passes may not be feigned, and a player may not hold on to the ball for longer than two seconds. To score, the ball must fall through the hoop from above.

International Ringball Federation

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