Tomofumi Murata, or better known by his ring name Takeshi Ceasar, can be credited with founding the combat sport Shoot Boxing. Murata, born in August 1955 in Yamaguchi, was also an expect kickboxer winning the Asia Pacific Kickboxing Federation Welterweight Championship. This made a name for him. Murata became interested in professional wrestling in 1984 and was trained by the famous Satoru Sayama in shoot-style wrestling, leading to being part of the Universal Wrestling Federation professional wrestling circuit in Japan. UWF ceased to exist, which inspired Murata to create a mixed style of kickboxing and shoot-style.  

Shoot Boxing is a hybrid of kickboxing and shoot wrestling that allows punches, kicks, knees, elbows and throws. In addition, standing submissions like wristlocks, armlocks and chokeholds are allowed. Modern tournaments today are divided into two professional divisions, namely Expert and Freshman. There are currently 15 weight classes available. The S-Cup World Champions, or the Shoot Boxing World Cup for both men and women, is an 8-person single elimination tournament normally held every two years. Ceasar International Company Limited is responsible for planning and operation of events in shoot boxing, in addition to promoting the sport to other markets around the world.  

Shoot Boxing

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