The World Benchrest Shooting Federation (WBSF) is the highest authority and international governing body for the shooting sport discipline in which a high-precision rifle, while resting on a table or bench, is used to shoot at a paper target. The rifle is positioned on the front and a rear rest, and these resting areas can be one single object or two separate ones. The shooter also sits by the bench. It is a sport where the participants are constantly looking at ways to create greater accuracy. These rifles are normally custom-made with shooters skilled in their own gunsmithing.  

There are two types of ammunition, namely centerfire and rimfire cartridges. With a centerfire cartridge the primer is in the centre of the cartridge case head, while a rimfire cartridge has a base rim to ignite the primer once struck with the firing pin. The centerfire cartridge is the preferred choice in competitions. Shooters handload their own ammunition with the purpose of further tuning it to their rifles.  

There are two types of competition, namely Group Shooting and Score Shooting. In group shooting the shooter gets to shoot five or ten bullets in the closest possible formation. In score shooting the shooter aims at a traditional bullseye target with a score allocated to each zone. The total score is added to determine the winner. Precision sight is a major component of the sport with most events allowing telescopic sight. With ammunition only the most consistent cartridges will ensure the required accuracy. During competitions wind flags, placed between the shooter and the target on the range, help the shooter to factor in the correction that is to be made to accurately hit the target.  

World Benchrest Shooting Federation

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