Deck shuffleboard or floor shuffleboard are both names commonly used for the game of Shuffleboard, which can be played outdoors and indoors. Players use a cue to push weighted discs across a smooth, narrow surface within a designated court area. The objective is for the disc to come to rest within a specific marked scoring zone. The origin of shuffleboard of where and when it was first played, is not clear, but the evidence is there of having been a form of entertainment in Europe for several hundred years. It was also a favourite game of King Henry VIII. It was clearly regarded as a game for the establishment, as the king prohibited commoners from playing it.  

The game shares several similarities with other sports like air hockey, bowls, bocce, curling, croquet, carrom and billiards. Little is known about the ancient shovelboard, but it appears to have changed into the modern shuffleboard we know today. It has also led to the development of table shuffleboard. The court floor is made of either concrete, wood or any other hard material. Lines are drawn across the floor with each line marking a specific score. The coloured disks are 6-inch in diameter and made of plastic. These are moved to come to rest within a specific scoring zone at the far end of the court. The same scoring zones are at either end of the court so that the two opposing players or teams of two opposing players, each take a turn to move their disks across the floor. There are usually four disks per side.  

After each side has moved their four disks, the total points are tallied. Points are only allocated if the disk rests entirely within the zone and does not overlap with any border line or another scoring zone. The target number of points to reach that determines the winning side is normally decided beforehand. There is also a game that is ‘first to 75 points'. In addition to achieving the highest score, the strategy is also to prevent the opponent from scoring. It is both offence and defense. The official size of a court is 6 x 39 feet.  

The International Shuffleboard Association (ISA) is the world governing body for the sport of Floor Shuffleboard. ISA was founded in March 1979 and is responsible for setting the official rules and managing the World Championship played every two years.   

International Shuffleboard Association

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