Silambam is a popular martial art that originated in southern India in the regions of Tamil Nadu. It is performed with bamboo sticks as the preferred weapon type. The ancient sport dates to at least 400 BC, with further evidence going back to 1000 BC. The name ‘Silambam’ has a reference to ‘hills’ and the region where the type of bamboo grows. The length of the bamboo staff varies depending on the height of the person using it. Trading in these bamboo staffs were in high demand.

The preparation for any athlete practicing Silambam is very meticulous. An athlete would improve flexibility, agility, and importantly hand-eye coordination. Other body conditioning includes cardiovascular stamina, speed, strength, and kinesthetic awareness. Silambam is now practiced throughout southeast Asia, including many parts of Europe and North America. The World Silambam Association is the governing body responsible for international development and management of competitions.

World Silambam Association

Photo: Shutterstock - reddees

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