The Fédération Internationale de Skibob (FISB) is the highest authority and world governing body for the sport of skibobbing. The federation was established in Innsbruck in 1961, with their headquarters now based in Salzburg. Skibobbing is a growing sport with current participation in 17 nations worldwide. FISB oversees the setting of rules, training of officials, and management of all competitions. There is also a World Cup Tour in various locations across Europe. In addition, the federation has a goal to add to the membership and take the sport to many regions around the world where the winter seasons offer appropriate conditions for it to be practiced.  

The invention of the skibob/skibike began in the 1700s. Separate designs were launched with designers operating independently from each other. The patent for the bicycle with skis was filed in 1892 and during the early stages it provided the opportunity for those with weaker knees to also ski the slopes. It was only until 1954 that the first international competitive race was held. One of the main attractions to the sport is the level of speed that can be achieved. In some giant slalom races, speeds of over 120 miles per hour have been reached. With skibobbing becoming more popular among younger people, the sport has a bright future as it continues to develop across the world.