Slot Racing is the hobby of racing miniature automobiles on a mechanical track guided by grooves or slots. It also goes by the names of slot car racing. It may be regarded as a hobby by many, but it is also a competitive sport. The slot cars normally resemble actual sports automobiles, but many can also be modified or built from scratch. Hobbyists often create elaborate racecourses within miniature landscapes simply for entertainment. For competitions, participants prefer the racetracks with no additional structures that could obscure their vision while racing each other. For racing purposes, the tracks for competitions are also different to the standard injection molded-plastic snap together mostly used by hobbyists. The preferred tracks are custom built from pieces of chipboard or fibreboard with routed tracks that create a continuous and consistent surface.  

Slot racing was very popular in the 1960s, especially in the United States where at one stage there were over 3,000 public courses. Ten years later, the radio-controlled market became the new fad. What the sport required was a world governing body to manage competitions, codify rules, and maintain popularity and growth worldwide. This came in the form of the International Slot Racing Association (ISRA). Today ISRA has over twenty members from five continents. The sport has a World Championship that has been held since 1992. There is also an annual ranking system based on competitions held each season. ISRA has ensured the popularity of the sport has increased again as improving technology means better equipment is constantly being designed.  

International Slot Racing Association

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