The relatively new sport of SoccerSquash combines the location of a squash court and a player’s football skills. The game is gaining popularity especially with those who want to display great ball skill, control and the showcasing of tricks. Like squash, the game is played at a fast pace with rallies that can go on for a long time. This means players must display great physical and mental stamina. The objective of the game is to kick the ball against the wall in such a way that your opponent is unable to complete a legitimate return kick. The ball is also specifically designed for the sport in terms of weight, pressure and skin type. Players wear clothing like that of squash and the shoes are any type of indoor shoe unless these have black soles.  

The game is mostly played between two opponents and on some occasions can be played by two teams of two players each. Each match is played as the ‘best of three’ or ‘best of five games’. The first to win two games or three games wins the match. Each game goes up to 11 points and a two-point cushion is required to win it. A point is scored in each rally by either the server or the receiver. One aspect that adds to the required fitness of players is that the ball must always be in motion. The serve can be done from the hand, as a dropkick, or as a place-kick from the floor. There is no second serve. The ball can bounce only once, but a player can hit the ball up to three times before kicking it back. SoccerSquash requires very little initial outlay as it shares the same courts as with squash. The sport currently does not have an international governing body, but it does have national bodies like that of SoccerSquash in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.  


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