A relatively new sport to arrive on the scene with impressive popularity and growth, is the table game of Teqball. It combines two other very popular international sports, namely football (soccer) and table tennis. One interesting feature is the curved table that is unique to the sport. The table measurement is 3 x 1.7 metres and curves downward lengthwise at each end. The highest middle point is 0.76 metres with curved ends measuring 0.565 metres above the ground. The invention and origin of teqball occurred in 2012 and can be credited to three Hungarians, Gábor Borsányi, György Gattyán and Viktor Huszár. The game has also attracted former and current footballers to various exhibition competitions around the world.  

Here are some of the rules of teqball. The ball used in the game is the same as a size five football. Two opponents can play each other, or two teams of two players each. A set consists of 12 points and each game has the best-of-three sets. A player or team starts the game with a serve and gets two attempts to complete it successfully. After four service points by the same side, the opponents then get to serve the next four and the changeover continues until the set has completed. Players are not permitted to touch the ball with their arms and hands. Any other body part may be used to touch or return the ball, but the same body part may not be used twice consecutively. During a game, neither an opponent nor the table may be touched.  

The Fédération Internationale de Teqball (FITEQ) is the highest sanctioning authority and world governing body. FITEQ manages intellectual property rights, rule-setting, and international competitions like the World Championship. The ambition for the federation is to continue promoting and developing the sport worldwide with the purpose of one day achieving official recognition by the International Olympic Committee and inclusion within the Olympic program.  

Fédération Internationale de Teqball

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