The International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) manages and governs the sport of Torball. It was developed as early as the 1970s for blind and partially blind athletes. The game is played indoors on a court that measures 16 x 7 metres. Two teams of three players each are stationed at opposite ends of the court near where the goals are positioned. The goal areas stretch across the entire width of the court and are 1.3 metres in height. Three carpets are positioned in front of the goal area that help the athletes with orientation. Three lines are also stretched across the width of the playing area at a specific height. The ball is manufactured with small bells embedded, further helping the athletes with their orientation to the proximity of the ball. Every player wears dark glasses.  

The objective of the attacking team is to throw the ball underneath the three lines toward the goal area of the defending team, who lie across the goal area to prevent the ball from crossing the line. It may seem simple, but the ball can easily be thrown at a speed of up to 70 km (about 43.5 mi)/h, leaving a player with little time to react. Therefore, it is essential for it to be as quiet as possible during the game in the hall. Should the ball or a player touch the line, the player must leave the court area and the defending team will only have two players to cover the goal area. One in three free kicks corresponds to a penalty, which leaves only one player left in the playing area per team. A game consists of two halves of 5 minutes each and during a tournament, several matches are normally played. IBSA has been representing and developing athletes and sports for people with visual impairments for over forty years.  

International Blind Sports Federation

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