VX is a mixed-gender sport that was born in the UK in 2006. Originally known as Rock-It-Ball, the ball sport is a combination of several sports, but influenced by dodgeball, basque pelota, hockey, and lacrosse. This dynamic sport is played by two teams of five players each, normally played on badminton or basketball courts. Like in most sports, every athlete must respect the boundaries of the court to keep the play inside the designated area. The players use a stick (called VstiX), which resembles a lacrosse stick, except it has a basket at each end. Even though the players are not confined to a specific area of the court, they must advance by dribbling the ball - rocking it between the ends of the stick - or by bouncing it on the floor. A VX game lasts four quarters of four minutes each quarter and requires five low-pressure tennis balls to play.  

Both teams start at their end of the court and the balls are placed in a “V” shape in the center. The referee then blows the whistle, kicks the balls into play, and this is when each team can move forward to steal the balls. To do so, the player must scoop up the ball with the VstiX and start dribbling or bouncing it. Once a player has the ball, the ways to score points are by either hitting an opponent's body (between the shoulders and the feet (worth one point)), or by catching a ball that was thrown by an opponent (worth three points). The player who is hit by an opponent must stop playing, raise their hand, and look at the referee to be given permission to continue with the game. In addition to the referee, two umpires are assisting at each end of the court looking for infringements. If an infringement occurs, there is a three-point penalty for the player, and the points are added to the opposing team's scoreboard.  

Some examples of infringement are knocking the ball out of an opponent's VstiX, traveling (not dribbling), striking a player or a ball with the VstiX, and unsporting behaviour between others. The team with the highest score is the winner. As VX evolved and became more popular around the world, the International Federation (now called Global VX) established other versions of the game; V2, played by two players on a squash court with three balls. V3, played by three players, four balls, also on a squash court, and is played as “every player for themselves”. V4, played in doubles (2v2) on a squash court with four balls. VX is mostly played in England, the Basque Country, India, Uganda, Hong Kong, and Denmark.  

Global VX

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