VX, originally Rock-It-Ball, is a ball sport from the UK. It evolved in North Yorkshire (Great Britain) and was launched in February 2006 at the Youth Sport Trust's Sports Colleges Conference. The sport was continually developed by the International Federation and in 2012 the Federation approved a move by the worldwide membership to rename the sport VX to cater for its international development.

VX has continued to be popular in schools in the UK and is now being adopted by universities, colleges, youth organisations, Street Games and the military. It is also attracting interest from the Prison Service and Primary Care Trusts. It now has a foothold in 25 countries of which 15 have National Governing Bodies(NGBs).

VX is a totally gender-neutral sport. Males and females play on a totally equal footing in all disciplines and at all levels. It is also accessible to players of all abilities. It is not an adaptation of any single sport however there are elements of several sports including dodgeball, lacrosse, basque pelota and hockey.