Known also by the names of Wing Surfing or Winging, Wing Foiling is a new and exciting water sport for those looking for a variation of windsurfing. Wing foiling has two separate components to the sport. The board can be slightly different in length, but the overall preference is the same used in kitefoil competitions. This means the board planes early on a hydrofoil fin, which lifts off the water to reduce friction. The board is connected to the rider through a cord fastened to the ankle. What sets wing foiling apart is that the sail component is completely independent and not connected to the board as with windsurfing. The sail or wing is in the shape of a triangle with a supporting beam in the middle. Handles are attached to the beam so the rider can maneuver the wing in any direction they want to. A cord attaches the wing to the rider’s wrist.  

The Global Wingsports Association is the international governing body and manages the newly launched World Tour, made up of two categories. These are Surf-Freestyle and Surf-Slalom.

Global Wingsports Association

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