The Association for Bassens Fremme is the governing body for the sport of Basse. The primary objective is to ensure that this fun street game will not only continue to exist, but also flourish beyond the current border of Norway where it is mainly played. Variations of the game are played in other nations and part of the appeal of the sport is that codified rules do not really exist. There are specific rules for the Basse World Championship and the following is loosely based on that.  

First draw a mid-field circle of about 1 metre to 1.5 metres. Then arrange similar circles around the middle circle with a space of about 30 centimetres between each. The number can be 4-8 additional circles. The purpose is to defend your circle and score goals within the circles of the other players. The basse is normally made of cut bicycle inner tube tied into a type of a ball. The object must land cleanly within a circle without touching the line and this results in a minus point against the player. Three minus points and you are out of the game.  

Being an individual sport, each player plays against the other players until there is only one left. Each game can have 8-9 players. When two players remain, the winner is determined by the first goal, regardless of how minus points were previously accumulated during the game. Basse is generally more of a summer sport and is today mainly played in the county of Trøndelag in Norway.

Association for Bassens Fremme

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