Oină is a Romanian traditional sport very similar to baseball. The game is governed by the Federaţia Românâ de Oină based in Bucharest. The exact origins are not known, but the first mention was made in 1782 in a diet manual about the benefits of playing and participating in the sport. During the late 1800s, it was decided that Oină should form part of the school curriculum in Romania. From then onward, annual competitions were arranged. The pitch is 70 metres by 32 metres with a back zone area of five metres at each end. The pitch is further divided into an in-game area (60 m by 32 m) and a batting zone area (5 m). A team is made of 11 players (3 midfielders, 3 advance side players, 3 return side players, 1 back player and 1 forward player). This is a typical description of a defending side. Down the length of the pitch, there is an advance and a return corridor.  

A player from the batting side hits the ball with a wooden bat as far as they can to the adversary line. Once the ball has been caught by the defending team, the batter can decide to run (or be instructed to by the referee) down the advance and return lanes of the pitch. The objective of the defending side is to throw the ball so that it hits the running player. The runner may not catch the ball, and should the player be hit; they must exit the field and head to the back zone. The player may fend off the ball with their palm and this is not considered a hit. Should the defending team be unable to hit the running player, they complete the task depending on the lane they are in. The leather ball is spherical and filled with bovine or horsehair. Oină is also played in other nations where there is a presence of Romanian ethnic and cultural presence.  

Federaţia Românâ de Oină

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