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The International Ski Mountaineering Federation (ISMF), founded in 2008, is the world governing body for the winter sport discipline of Ski Mountaineering. The sport, often referred to as skimo, involves climbing difficult mountainous terrains either with skis or by carrying them, and then skiing down to the finish line. Traditionally when skiing first became more popular, the same type of wooden ski was used for cross-country, uphill or downhill. Today we have a specific design particular to the discipline. Generally, Telemark skis are preferred as the heel of the ski boot is free to lift from the ski, making ascents easier. At the 1924 Winter Olympics, the official event was military patrol, which was a team sport where skiers participated in cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering and rifle shooting. It also featured as a demonstration sport in 1928, 1936 and 1948. As the name indicates, the event was usually between the military units of countries. It is believed that military patrol gave rise to the modern sport of biathlon we know today. Biathlon involves cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.   

ISMF is also responsible for ensuring the lightweight equipment the skiers use is of the highest quality and passes strict safety standards. Teams are the most traditional part of the sport and are made up of the same gender, age group, and usually two to three athletes. Each race will include at least three ascents and descents and with longer races, can feature over several days. Teamwork is essential when transiting the crest of a mountain as athletes make use of crampons, cords, and harnesses as they ascend. Descending a mountain will always be off-piste. For individual skiers, the race has features from the team event. The cord and harness are not required, but an athlete may still be required to use crampons in the more difficult areas. The Sprint Race is based on completing the total course in approximately 3 minutes. There are initial qualifying rounds, after which the athletes face each other in heats of six. The Relay consists of a small team with each athlete completing a circuit once. The Vertical is an uphill race only which normally does not exceed a height of 700m. As a result of the many events, access for both genders and the appeal to several age groups, ski mountaineering continues to grow stronger and stronger worldwide.   

Piazza G. Mellano 4B

12084 Mondovi


+39 0174 554755


World Championship

To be confirmed


ISMF World Championship - Master - Super Dévoluy, France - 13th to 14th February (results):

Vertical: Pre Masters Men - Francois Dhaene (FRA) / O/40 Men -Nicolas Philipona (SUI) / O/45 Men - Yoann Caillot (FRA) / O/50 Men - David Poncet (FRA) / O/55 Men - Alain Bellagamba (FRA)

Vertical: Pre Masters Women - Marianna Jagercikova (SLK) / O/40 Women - Alexandra Rudatis (FRA) / O/45 Women - Alice Chaix (FRA) / O/50 Women - Corinne Favre (FRA)


ISMF World Championships - La Massana, Andorra - 2nd to 6th March 2021 (Senior, U23, U20, U18) (results):

Sprint: Senior Women - Marianne Fatton (SUI) / Senior Men - Iwan Arnold (SUI) / U20 Women - Caroline Ulrich (SUI) / U20 Men - Noé Rogier (FRA)

U18 Women - Louise Trincaz (FRA) / U18 Men - Julian Tritscher (AUT)

Relay Race Men - Italy (Nicolo Ernesto Canclini, Michele Boscacci, Robert Antonioli, Nadir Maguet)

Relay Race Women - Italy (Ilaria Veronese, Alba de Silvestro, Mara Martini)

Relay Race Youth - Switzerland (Caroline Ulrich, Tobias Donnet, Jon Kistler)

Vertical - Senior Women - Axelle Gachet Mollaret (FRA) / Senior Men - Rémi Bonnet (FRA) / U18 Men - Nils Oberauer (AUT) / U18 Women - Antonia Niedermaier (GER)

Vertical - U20 Men - Paul Verbnjak (POL) / U20 Women - Samantha Bertolina (ITA) / S-U23 Men - Sebastien Guichardaz (ITA) / S-U23 Women - Giulia Murada (ITA)

Individual - Senior Men - Matteo Eydallin (ITA) / Senior Women - Axelle Gachet Mollaret (FRA) / S-U23 Women - Giulia Murada (ITA) / S-U23 Men - Sebastien Guichardaz (ITA)

Individual - U20 Men - Paul Verbnjak (AUS) / U20 Women - Samantha Bertolina (ITA) / U18 Men - Jeremy Muriset (SUI) / U18 Women - Antonia Niedermaier (GER)


ISMF World Championships - Arêches Beaufort, France - 13th March 2021 (Senior - Long Distance Team)(results):

U16 Men - Baptiste Berthod and Edgar Cognaud (FRA) / U18 Women - Louise Trincaz and Thibe Deseyn (FRA) / U18 Men - Gaspard Ferrand and Jules Raybaud (FRA)

U20 Women - Margot Ravinel and Périne Gindre (FRA) / U20 Men - Alexis Chesney and Vadim Druelle (FRA)

Senior Women - Alba de Silvestro and Giulia Murada (ITA) / Senior Men - Michele Boscacci and Davide Magnini (ITA)


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