The World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) is the international governing body for the sport of sport stacking. It also goes by the names of cup stacking or speed stacking. The sport involves arranging specially designed plastic cups, normally 9-12, in a sequence that is pre-determined. The objective is to do this in the shortest possible time. The cups are designed in such a way that it aids the speed of the stacking, which is normally in a pyramid formation. During competitions, players either compete against each other or the clock.  

Sport stacking was first played in 1981 in Oceanside in California. Workers for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America at Oceanside came up with the idea for the children to stack paper cups as fast as possible. Ater a positive response, it was decided to use plastic cups, but these would stick together. The problem was eliminated by modifying the cups with a hole in the bottom. A company was set up to manufacture these modified cups in various colours. Not long after that the first National Cupstacking Championships were held at Oceanside.  

After gaining further national attention through TV coverage, the sport became popular among the students, especially in Colorado who had their own state championship. In 2001 the World Cup Stacking Assocation (WCSA) was founded. The purpose of WCSA was to codify the rules and sanction events worldwide. The first World Championship was held in 2002 at the Denver Coliseum, which has since become an annual event in various locations. In 2005 WCSA became the World Sport Stacking Association and is currently located in Englewood, Colorado.  

World Sport Stacking Association

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