Although it may vary somewhat from location to location, these dimensions describe the court area of the handball game of Rugby Fives. The four-walled court has a rectangular floor which is normally 28 feet by 18 feet in dimension. The front wall is 15 feet in height with the side walls sloping down after 12 feet from the front wall. The back wall is 4 feet 10 inches in height. The front wall has a lower limit that is marked with a wooden bar running across with an upper height of 2 feet 6 inches. The other three walls have no lower limit area. The court surface is normally made of concrete that helps the ball bounce well, while the side walls may be made of brick or concrete covered by a heavy-duty plaster.  

The sport has similarities to squash and is mainly played in England. Other games like Rugby Fives are Wessex Fives, Eton Fives and Winchester Fives. It is believed Rugby Fives derived from Wessex Fives, a game that has an open court still in existence that was first built in 1787. A singles game is played between two players, while doubles feature two teams of two players. A player may use both hands to hit the ball. Following a serve, players take turns to strike the ball against the front wall. The ball must be struck before bouncing twice on the floor. Once it is struck with the objective of hitting the front wall, it can also bounce against the side walls. A point is only scored once the receiver wins the rally.  

The Rugby Fives Association (RFA) is the highest authority and governing body for the sport. The objective of RFA is to continue with development and coaching at school and university levels. In addition, the focus of the association is to expand participation at a senior level, not only in England, but also worldwide.

Rugby Fives Association

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