The unique sport of Kin-Ball was created in Quebec in 1986. It is a team sport played on an indoor court. What makes it so distinctive is the size of the ball, which measures 1.2m or 48 inches in diameter. In addition, a match is played by three teams at the same time. Worldwide membership has grown to double figures with the most participants of the sport from Canada and USA.  

Each team has four players and the official colours are black, grey, and blue (sometimes pink is used). The attacking team is in possession of the ball and selects a defending team by calling out their colour. The selected team starts by calling out the declaration ‘Omnikin!’. The designated team hits the ball with a body part above the hips, while all the members of the attacking team touch the ball in some way. Should the defending team successfully control the ball, then they become the attacking team.  

The game is divided into three periods of 10 minutes with the winning team having won all three. When the first team reaches 11 points in a period, the team with the fewest points leaves the court and the two remaining teams play until whoever gets to 13 points wins. The International Kin-Ball Sport Federation is the world governing body overseeing competitions and the worldwide growth of the sport.

International Kin-Ball Sport Federation

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