Founded in 1960, the International Fistball Association is the world governing body for all Fistball sports and is responsible for developing and promoting the sport worldwide. The federation also acknowledges the principles of the Olympic Charter, the Olympic Agenda 2020, and the Basic Principles of Good Governance established by the International Olympic Committee. It is not an Olympic sport as yet. IFA is based in Linz, Austria.  

There are Fistball World Championships and World Cups for men and women categories, which are played by 10-12 qualifying teams out of the member associations that number of 50 in five continents. The IFA promotes equal opportunities and gender equality on all levels. They thrive to maintain a transparent, open, and professional communication—both internally and externally, and the Federation also focuses on education programs for the sustainable development of the players, coaches, referees, and administrators.    

Fistball is an indoor and outdoor sport that is a lot like volleyball, except when playing Fistball, you have to strike the ball with either fist or arm, never with an open hand. It is played with five incredibly agile and strategic players per team (attacking, defending and setting specialist positions), each with a fixed position. The ball is allowed to bounce once only after each contact (three contacts maximum by the five players on each team). However, the ball cannot bounce more than three times in a team's half. A Fistball player will strike the ball over the net as fast as 100 km/hr or more, and the game is played in four sets, each set consisting of eleven points to win it.    

The ball is made of leather, hollow, is filled with air, and can weigh between 320-350 g for women and 350-380 g for men. It is harder than a volleyball and as hard as a football. As for the playing field or court, it is 50 meters long, 20 meters wide (outdoor), and 40 meters long, 20 meters wide (indoor). It is divided by a center line where the net is posted at 2 meters high, and service lines are marked at 3 meters from the center line on each of the halves.  

International Fistball Association

Photo courtesy of the International Fistball Association

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