Throwing a ball across two persons or two groups of people was a recreational play observed during 1930s in Australia & England. It was accepted as a very popular play during the leisure period, especially by the women. Therefore, basically this Throwball play was known to be as women game. It is believed that this Throwball reached India through YMCA, most probably during 1940s. Initially this play was restricted to Chennai and later in 1950s reached Bangalore.


Dr. H.C.Buck, Head of the Dept., YMCA college of physical Education, Madras, Formulated preliminary guidelines for the first time, during 1955. Almost after 15 years, this play of Throwball was established for both Men & Women for the first time under the auspices of Throwball Federation of India ( TFI ) at Bangalore, led by B.M. Rachappa, Director of Physical Education, University of Bangalore. Simultaneously this play was well accepted at school and college level by Boys & Girls in Asian countries.

T.Ramanna, a humble sports lover and promoter from India shouldered the responsibility of organizing a Asian Throwball championship for the first time at Kolkotta during 1992. Further a Asian level organization, ATF was reestablished under the leadership of T.Ramanna and in the year1995,draft rules were framed.The game of Throwball has been developed and game among men & women in all the Asian countries wide over by 2000. Dr.A.Dayanand, another sports lover and promoter from India has edited first copy of Rules & Regulation of Throwball game in 2000, under the directions of T.Ramanna Secretary General

The great sports vision of T.Ramanna moved this Asian level organization, to world level organization ITF from 2000 onwards, including the countries South Korea, Srilanka, Japan, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, China, Tunisia, Brazil, Canda, France, Australia, UAE, Nigiria, Ect. keeping the youth in mind first world Throwball Championship was organized at Egypt & Dubai (UAE). In view of the faster development of the game the second edition of the rules and regulation book and the modified ball was brought by TFI, during 2005.

Chief office of the ITF is established at Bangalore and the regional office for the Asian countries is located at South Korea, where Dr. Lee Jong Yong being the secretary incharge. Several others who are thriving very hard for the development and promotion of the game at the International level are T. Mohan, Malaysia, Ms. June Parera, Srilanka, Abdul Halim Bin Khader, Singapore and K.Berg, Australia.

In view of the popularity and fast promotion of the game and the strengthen the game technically sound at the International level, the present third edition book edited by Dr.A.Dayanand, on game and rules of the Throwball of International Throwball Federation is being published by Chief Secretary General, ITF Bangalore.

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