The International Biathlon Union develops the sport of biathlon and promotes it worldwide. Biathlon is a sport that combines cross-country skiing, or other forms of movement, with rifle shooting. Biathlon   also includes roller biathlon (roller skiing and shooting), cross biathlon (running and shooting), bike biathlon (mountain biking and shooting) and snowshoe biathlon (snowshoe hiking and shooting). The IBU constantly aims to improve the conditions and fundamentals of the sport of biathlon and promote its cultural, sporting and humanitarian values worldwide.

The IBU sets worldwide rules and regulations for the sport of biathlon and its conduct. The IBU promotes doping-free biathlon. The IBU promotes gender equality. The IBU takes appropriate measures to confront illegal sports betting in the sport of biathlon.

Peregrinstrasse 14

5020 Salzburg


+43 6 6285 5050

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