Futsal is a game that is generally played indoors on a hard court marked with lines as a playing area. There are two teams of five players each, one of whom is the goalkeeper. Each team may have unlimited substitutions. The game is characterized by short passes, placing an emphasis on skill, technique, and improvisation. The ball is a smaller and harder than the standard football size. It also has a low bounce. The playing surface, ball, and the rules favour ball control and playing in small spaces. The name futsal refers to indoor football and the origin dates to the 1930s in Uruguay.  

Despite the popularity worldwide, the sport has more than one governing body. That is in addition to FIFA, the world governing body for football, who has taken a greater interest and stage a separate world cup event under its guidance.  

The World Futsal Federation (WFF) is viewed as the official governing body set up as recently as 2012 under the governance of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Continental Federations, and National Federations. WFF is based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  

Associatión Mundial de Futsal (AMF) or the World Futsal Association, was founded in 2002 after a disagreement with FIFA to join them. AMF is also officially recognized by the IOC and the International Association of World Games. AMF is based in Asuncion, Paraguay.  

World Futsal Federation

Associatión Mundial de Futsal

Fédération Internationale de Football Association

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