The International Kendo Federation (FIK) was founded in 1970 and is the international federation of national and regional Kendo associations and the world governing body for Kendo. The FIK is a non-governmental organisation, and its aim is to promote and develop Kendo, Iaido (Way of the sword) and Jodo (Way of the stick).

When FIK, that is a non-political aasociation, was founded seventeen national or regional federations were participating. 57 countries and regions are members in May 2017.
In April 2006, FIK was accepted as a member of the General Association of International Sporting Federations (GAISF), an international organization with headquarter in Lausanne, Switzerland. As a consequence the previous acronym of IKF was altered to FIK.

The headquarter of the FIK is located in the All Japan Kendo Federation building in Tokyo.

Every three years since 1970 FIK is conducting the World Kendo Championship.


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